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The importance of service

Why should we care about one another, love one another, feed the hungry, nurse the sick, house the homeless, and do other acts of loving kindness to and for one another?

Firstly, because we are told to. Jesus specifically says to do these things, in John 13:34 Jesus gives a new commandment, not a suggestion or idea, but a commandment. Love one another. We must be obedient, for otherwise we are rebellious, and this entire situation is a response to the rebellion against God and the rebellious enemy of God and the rebellious offspring that are humanity. If we are not obedient, or at least try to be obedient, we are on the very knife edge of rebelliousness.

Also, in Matthew 25:35 Jesus goes on to explain how when we feed the hungry, nurse the sick, clothe the naked and needy, we are in fact doing this for him. Does this apply to only those for whom Christ indwells? Or for all? I suggest we err on the side of all, for we are not called to judge who is worthy of his indwelling nor our own service. And again, there is the polarity, the binary option. The righteous on one side, the condemned on the other.

It is therefore sinful not to do these things, not to help those in need. And looking at the world, it’s apparent that the sins of omission, of not doing, are at least as prevalent if not vastly more so than he sins of doing the wrong thing.

Therefore, let us obey, and do so in love. And if we do not have enough love to serve in a way we feel we ought, let us pray for more love, more compassion, more obedience, in order that we might.

God bless you,

Shalom Shalom.

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