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The Holy Spirit is able to guide the actions of those whom he indwells.

How is this done?

Sometimes a feeling, sometimes a sort of nudge, and sometimes by the direct insertion of understanding. Sometimes by the bringing to awarenss of particular scripture. Sometimes one doesn’t even know it’s happening. It’s something one learns to obey.

Such as Philip being guided to a chariot to speak with a diplomat eunuch who was reading from Isaiah and struggling to understand it. See Acts 8:29

An internal counsellor, guide, comforter, and that also has the distinct ability to do what feels like envelop and love. A bringer of silence and peace.

A feeling like no earthly thing, a new experience and one that is repeated at many times, even continuously, during the life of the reborn person. Providing they do not engage in activities which offend or grieve the Holy Spirit, as these will cause the Holy Spirit to withdraw, the flame to burn low, and in doing so the person will feel saddened, bereft, lost, and will look to themselves as to their ways and determine what it was they did that caused the lessening of the presence of the Holy Spirit, and then they will acknowledge it to the Holy Spirit, to God, to Jesus, and amend their ways accordingly. Repenting.

So the closer the person is to the Holy Spirit the more they appreciate and rely on the Spirit’s presence, and this becomes the barometer of their wellbeing. And the means by which they learn to become more Holy.

A good day is one spent close with the Holy Spirit.

A bad day is one where the Holy Spirit seems further away.

What external events happen that day are not really important. All that matters is being right with God.

In the presence of the Holy Spirit everything is more than OK.

How can we unlearn the world, when we are in the world, and everything is of the world?

Only by the Holy Spirit. Teaching. Directly from within.

And indirectly from within others who go on to teach.

Remember Saul, the Pharisee priest who watched the stoning of Stephen?

He was about to have a really bad day.

Extract from All People Must Know by Bird LoveGod

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