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The gift and the giver

When we accept a gift from someone we are often times accepting the person who gave it. How would you feel about accepting a gift from someone you did’t trust?

Would you eat it, or wear it, or sleep on it? If you don’t trust the giver, you don’t trust the gift. And every time you were to look on that gift, it would bring to mind the giver, and if the giver is not a friend, then that persons remembrance is not a pleasing thing. When we experience the gift, we remember the giver, and if the giver is a dear friend, or closest and beloved family, then we are pleased by the gift, for it reminds of of the giver. The smallest trinket given by a loved child, or dear wife or husband, may be treasured, not for the object, but for the feelings the object gives rise to, for the remembrance of the person, the delightfulness of them, the love of them.

Thus it is with Jesus. When we truly feel close to him, within us, around us, he is brought to mind with each moment of awareness in the gift of life.

And yet some would have the gift, but reject the giver. They seek healing, whilst rejecting the healer. They hope for heaven, yet reject the one who lives there.

Clearly this is foolishness. One cannot receive the gift whilst rejecting the giver.

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