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The Condition of Man

The condition of man is, self-evidently, one of disconnect from God.

It’s more than disconnect, it’s a functional denial of God, a rejection of God, a rebellion against God, a focus on anything except God, and a placing of human self at the topmost and forefront of literally everything.

Humans are not good in that respect.

We’re really not, and if you would like to open the daily paper, or app, or website, you will quickly arrive at the same conclusion. You probably know this already. We are a threat to each other. A dangerous and violent species that must create tens of thousands of laws to try to protect itself from itself.

Humans are not good by nature.

A species that creates vast arrays of weapons to protect itself from itself, and forms huge armies to wage war against itself, a threat to every living thing they share a planet with.

I don’t need to labour this point, but it does need to be made. Part of truth, and seeking truth, is acknowledgment of one’s own condition. And the condition of humanity is dire. Trust me, it’s worse than you think.

Curiously, the closer one gets to God, the less good one considers oneself to be.

The problem with humanity comes down to our innate character.

Our ‘Human nature’.

Consider this: We actually publish lists celebrating people who hoarded wealth whilst millions died for the lack of a few dollars. We actually celebrate the people who hoard wealth and allow millions to die. We celebrate that.

We celebrate the person who buys a £2,000,000 stone as a symbol of their status. And we hold that status high and say look at them they are a successful person.

This is a moral inversion.

A perversion. A corruption.

And totally normal and mainstream.

It’s human nature.

There is only one hope for humanity.

One hope.

One hope to avoid catastrophic climate change, continuous war, environmental destruction and obliteration of the natural world, and the ever increasing insanity of mankind.

One hope.

One solution.

A transformation of human nature itself.

A change so radical it transforms us into what could be accurately called a new species.


A change of the human spirit.

A change of the human soul.

Nothing else will work.


Because it’s not what we do that’s the cause of all our global and individual problems.

The problem is what we are.

Extract from All People Must Know written by Bird Lovegod

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