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Qualities of God

God is creative. That’s an understatement. 

God is and has a personality, a persona. 

Many ‘New Age’ type of spiritual journeymen miss this and deny it, considering God to be some kind of ‘creative force,’ elemental and mindless. Non conscious. It’s deliciously ironic to consider God to be non conscious.

And completely false.

God is and has a personality. God is then able to think, and rationalise, and communicate, and we are a tiny shard of that at best. Considering God as a personality can only be done via our own example and standard, using the words we have for ourselves. So for this reason it’s going to be incomplete and less than accurate. I would estimate that God has emotions and traits and characteristics that we do not and are therefore unable to comprehend or relate to. I would expect God does have all the ones we have. 

Indeed, upon experiencing God, and coming to receive Spirit from him, our own emotional palette is widened, especially in what I would call the spectrum of Love. Within that, we have such notes as Devotion, Empathy, Compassion, which in a disconnected human are largely absent, misplaced, or weakly and rarely experienced. God is huge on Compassion. Humans are almost empty of it. Mercy, Kindness, Goodness. God is these, the definer of them, the actual definition. Holiness. Only God is Holy. Holy is the combined attributes and character and person of God. God is Holy. Only God is Holy. Humans are never Holy. With one notable exception. 

God is literally brilliant and to know him is to love him. 

There is only one quantity that can be applied to God.

That is unified Oneness and Infinitude. 

How ‘big is God?’ The question feels flawed. 

How much of anything does God have? An infinite amount. 

How much Compassion does God have? Infinite.

How hard is it for God to turn water into wine? Or to walk on water? Or any other miracle of the material realm? God has infinite power and capacity to do anything. Nothing is any harder or more difficult than anything else. It cannot be, for if it were, God would not be infinite. And God is infinite, in all, and unlimited, in every possible variant of metric. 

God is utterly mysterious, and this is why so many variations of religion and spiritual practice have emerged in every human culture and civilisation since the dawn of the age of man. 

God cannot be understood by us, and cannot be explained. If God could be explained, he would be less than our own minds, and truly, he is infinitely more. I suppose I could write another thousand pages introducing God and you would be none the wiser and know God none the better for it. 

There is however an event that changed the unknowableness of God, that happened some 2000 years ago, we actually measure the passing of years by it, and this is the subject of the next chapter…

Written by Bird Lovegod


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