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Introducing Jesus

Christ. The Logos. The Word. The Son of God.

We think of Jesus as a man. But before he was a man, he was Spirit, and after he was a man, he is Spirit. From the beginning, he is with God, and is God, distinct and inseparable.

That Jesus was, for a time, a man, is historically factual and accepted by historians. The way he has been relegated to the status of ‘we don’t know if he was real or not’ or ‘a myth’ is indicative of the way our modern culture works to deny God with every move. Jesus was a real man, well documented. An historical figure. Do some research if you feel inclined, but that won’t tell you who he really was.

Only he can do that.

The Old Testament of the Bible contains many prophecies for the coming of the Messiah, the Saviour, the one who, in the words of John the baptist, ‘Takes away the sin of the World’.

What is sin? Sin is the separation from God. The disconnect from God. The rejection of God. And awful as it is to say so, sin is a choice.

And sins, of which there are a great many which form the actual culture and society we create as humans, are the expression of that separation and rejection that we collectively and individually choose.

Sin is the ‘disease’ of choosing God rejection and separation and sins are the symptoms of that ‘disease’.

Our species is obviously sick and that’s why. Because we choose sin.

All the chaos and madness of the world, all the suffering and destruction of nature, all the wars, all the poverty, all of it is symptoms of the ‘disease’ of God separation that we are born into and raised in and must actively choose against.

All of it is the consequence and bitter fruit of our sin.

The prophecies state that one will come who will take away the sin.

One who will heal the ‘disease’. That most deadly serious condition.

One who will heal the condition of man.

From old man, from a nature of sin, of disconnect and rebellion, and all the expressions of that ill.

To the new man, with a new nature of Godliness, connected to God, and to one another, and to all life. Reborn children of God. A reborn humanity. Made sane and good.

How he does this, well, that’s a really great question.

And I don’t claim to have the complete answer, nor the full understanding, nor even the part comprehension of the Spiritual scales of justice that he placed himself on, with infinite weight, thereby somehow tipping them forever in his favour, regardless of what is placed on the opposing pan.

There is some element of Justice, of Divine Rightness, that is instrumental to this.

There is some sacrificial aspect, the Lamb of God, whereby his infinite life, without sin, without God disconnect, given to humanity, killed by humanity, gives him the right to claim humanity for himself.

There is some deep mystery around this, and some powerful theology in play, and I do not understand it, nor do I think that anyone truly can, for it concerns Divine Law.

There is also a Way. A very definite transformative Way, that I spoke of at the beginning.

And this I do understand from experience, and it is this that I shall focus on because it is within the realms of my ability to share.

The Way is the restoration and redemption between God and humans. Remember, humans are a mind, a body, and a spirit.

God is Spirit.

And the aim is to give humans a new spirit, in order to end their disconnect from God, and to save them from an oblivion.

We shall go deeper into this Jesus Christ shortly.

The one who takes away the sin of the World.

But first, I need to make another introduction.

Extract from All People Must Know by Bird LoveGod

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