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Introducing The Holy Spirit

You should not be surprised at my saying, ‘You must be born again.’

John 3:7

From the beginning, The Holy Spirit is with God, and is God, distinct and inseparable.

The Holy Spirit seems to be… to have the purpose of conversion and transformation. And communication.

I cannot say what the Holy Spirit is.

But I can say what the Holy Spirit does.

The Holy Spirit can enter into a person, connect with that person’s soul or individual spirit, and from there transform it, and the person, entirely. A new spirit, and a new creation. A reborn God connected human.

The Holy Spirit is one with God, is one with Christ Jesus, they are three strands of a cord, or three elements of a compound, they are One, and individually distinct within that unity.

When a person receives the Holy Spirit, when the Holy Spirit enters into that person and connects with that person’s individual spirit, that person is thereby connected to God. Connected to Jesus. Has God within them. Has Jesus within them.

And from this conversion experience, the process of divine transformation begins and continues for the duration of that life. The person is literally being transformed from within. A new Spirit and from that, a renewed mind.

A mind that is influenced by and educated by Christ. The mind of Christ. Christ being born within that person, the person being shaped into the likeness of Christ.

This is the Way. This is what it means to be born again.

To receive a new spirit, and from there, a new nature.

And it is this, and only this, at massive scale, that can change humanity in order to give humanity a future.

Without this, humanity’s future is, at best, highly dystopian and increasingly so. It already is, and the trajectory is exactly more of the same.

Which may well provide the motivation for more people to seek the definitive solution and answer.

14 The Bible is awash with references to the Way, foretellings of the Way, people experiencing the Way, people being transformed by the Way, and explanations of what the Way means, how it comes about, what is required for it, and what is required of it.

This Way is what Christianity, true Christianity, is.

The rebirth of man.

I can totally testify to the truth of the Way because I have experienced it.

As have millions of others.

Christianity isn’t a belief, a religion. It’s the Way.

A transformation. From one state to another.

From child of man to child of God.

From lost to found.

From isolated to connected.

From death to life.

And it is the Holy Spirit that makes it happen.

With Jesus.

So let’s try to understand how this works…

Written by Bird Lovegod, Director of

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