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In the space of a day …

…They perform a healing miracle, followed by the crowd totally missing the point and welcoming them as Roman gods, followed by a vehement denial of such divinity and a trying to explain about Jesus, followed by the crowd being turned against them and stoning them half to death.

It does highlight the situations of the days most eloquently. Paul and Barnabas and the other disciples and converts had to try to convince people to change gods. Or in the case of the Jews, to continue worshipping God but add into that the Messiah Jesus, whom they had unfortunately crucified.

These days, what’s changed?

The default state in 2023 is non belief. Un belief. Or belief in ‘something’ but a rejection of Christianity based largely on the failings of Christians to make a clear case for Jesus and to live it accordingly.

Christians. Those who are followers of the Way. The Way back to God. The Way. The Way is Jesus, and the Way is the process he created to Himself.

Christianity has been somewhat diluted since then, weakened, watered down to a religion, a set of things to believe, or say one believes, not a Way to live and not die by laid down by God as man and confirmed by God as Spirit.

These days people don’t try to stone Christians to death. At least not in the UK. They just ignore us. Whilst continuing a full speed aheadlong plunge into the obvious abyss they can already see opening up before them. Read the news for 60 seconds and tell me it’s not all a direct consequence of the rejection of God as the flawed nature of humanity tears itself, and the rest of life on Earth, apart. It’s only going to get worse, more obvious, and more of a sign to do what must be done.

Where then is Jesus now?

He is in Heaven, at the right hand of Power.

And he is here. On Earth. In the body of the true Church, that being the people who have received that Holy Spirit of God, and with that Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Jesus Christ.

For he is not separable from the Holy Spirit

And never was.

And never can be.

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