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How can we begin to try to understand God when we do not even understand ourselves?

I find humanity to be outrageously unbalanced in our understanding. We can split an atom, create machines that compute a million times faster than ourselves, yet we do not know what we are.

It’s almost as if we are entirely externally focused. As if we are afraid to ask serious questions regarding our own existence. 

Read every newspaper, every day, for a month, and you will find not a single article regarding the exploration of the existence of the human spirit or soul. It’s as if there is a collective refusal to ask this most basic of questions, and to expect to come up with an actual answer rather than a collection of ‘equally valid opinions from all faiths and none.’

So before we consider God, let us come to understand the basic components of a human being. 

A body. 

A mind.

A spirit or soul. 

We can agree on the first, we can agree on the second, and let’s agree to agree on the third. We might not know what a soul is, what a spirit is, but then, we don’t know what a mind is either. 

We have a spirit. An aspect of us, something that is within us that is fundamental to who and what we are. We are going to have to be satisfied for the time, and perhaps for the rest of our lives, with not understanding what a spirit actually is. 

It’s important to know this because God is Spirit. 

And our acceptance of God cannot depend on our ability to understand God.

We are talking about the entity that created the entire Universe. That being is so unlike you or I or any human being bar one, that understanding God is not going to be the key thing here. 

Belief, leading to experience, that is key. 

And with it does come some limited understanding of the infinite. 

God is Spirit. 

In a world that wasn’t completely upside down this would be common factual knowledge for every man woman and child but there you go. One day.

Written by Bird Lovegod

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