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God’s will is a bit like gravity

And indeed, gravity itself is somewhat indicative of the will of God, all things being one, and coming together to be more so.

Think about gravity a moment. It holds the planets in place around the sun. It holds everything onto the surface of the earth. Without gravity there would be no matter, just diffused elements, uncollected, no heavenly bodies, no planets, or stars.

Gravity is strong enough to hold the earth in orbit around the sun. The gravity of the moon is powerful enough to move seas on earth, creating tides. Gravity is immensely powerful.

And yet we can overcome gravity with almost no effort. An any overcomes gravity when it picks up a grain of sand. Gravity is so easy to overcome, at least on earth. It’s just a matter of our will.

And so it is with our will, when opposed to God’s will. We can go against his will any time. People do it all the time, most of the time, people can act as if god doesn’t even exist, and billions do. Our own small human will can override God’s will, in the very short term.

But this is in some ways illusionary. Imagine being on a ship, going from the UK to Australia. That is your life, and on the ship you can do many things, most things, you can even walk to the back of the ship, and pretend you are heading in the opposite direction.

But the fact is, the ship is under orders, and is going from UK to Australia, or if yo like, from birth to death, and yes, we have free will to ignore the reality of the journey, and ignore the Captain, and ignore the rules, and pretend it’s all about us and the choices we make. And so it is. For a while. Until the ship arrives at the predestined destination, and then you will understand if you have been a passenger, or a crew member.

Gravity always wins in the end.

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