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When we think of duty, we often think of duties, things that we have to do, and with that comes a negative connotation. Duty and obedience are not exactly most people’s idea of a good time.

And in our UK culture, duty doesn’t really have a place, a context, a meaning in most people’s lives.

And in our churches, again, duty is rarely, if ever, considered or spoken of.

What is our Spiritual Duty?

Let’s take it back a few steps.

As Christians, baptised in the Holy Spirit of God, we are in fact Priests, called to a Heavenly Priesthood.

And as Priests, we have Authority, Responsibility, and Duty.

Yet because we are not taught that we are priests, in fact the opposite, we are taught we are not priests, this also means we are taught that we do not have authority, responsibility, or duty.

So what is our Spiritual Authority, and Responsibility, and Duty?

Let’s consider this over the next few days. In our scripture reading, and in our lives.

Let us ask ourselves, what would a Priest do, in this siutation?

And try to live more like Priests of Jesus Christ than men of the earth.

Written by Bird LoveGod

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