The gift and the giver

When we accept a gift from someone we are often times accepting the person who gave it. How would you feel about accepting a gift from someone you did’t trust? […]

He who overcomes

In Revelations there are multiple verses which begin with the phrase ‘to him who overcomes…’ Revelation 2:7 ‘To him who overcomes I will give the right to eat from the […]

A recommended modern prophet

By modern I mean last century, he died in 1963, and when I say prophet I mean he was a man of God, and a messenger of God. His name […]

The Holy Spirit is in the Old Testament

In 1 Samuel, Saul is anointed by by Samuel, who tells him he has been chosen to lead the Israelites as their first king. He gives him instructions, which include […]

What Do You Believe

We are told in the word of Lord that with faith it is impossible to please God. But it’s often challenging to keep our eyes fixed on the cross when […]

There Is Power In Prayer

Prayer can be defined as talking to God in its most simplest form, but it is much much more than that! The power of prayer isn’t simply in the words […]

Power In The Name Jesus

There is power and authority in the name Jesus. You have probably heard this expression before, or something along these lines, – but have you ever considered what significance this […]