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A recommended modern prophet

By modern I mean last century, he died in 1963, and when I say prophet I mean he was a man of God, and a messenger of God. His name was, and still is, AW Tozer, he preferred to be known just as Tozer I understand, and I have listened to all of his books that I can, on Audible, and read a fair few in paperback form. Tozer refines biblical teaching to the essence of truth. He speaks to the Church, as a body and institution, and to individuals, as a cell in the body of Christ.

He was a pastor and preacher and writer and teacher, many of his sermons are on Youtube, have an explore yourself.

If you have audible, I highly recommend listening to any and all of his titles there, including, The Radical Cross, The Pursuit of God, Delighting in God, The Fire of God’s Presence, and That Incredible Christian.

Tozer is, in my experience, the number one teacher and theologian that I know of.

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